Thursday, April 1, 2010

Photo Gallery

Father/Son Breakfast and Gun Shoot!

*The Brookshire Family Visit*

The Brookshire Ladies

(Left to Right: Breezy Brookshire, Rhonda Devine, Robyn Brookshire, June Fuentes, Emily Rose Brookshire)

Mother and daughter

Dave and Rob Brookshire

Enjoying the potluck

Breezy Brookshire, Megan Van Vuren, Janai Fuentes


Rob Brookshire and Tony Shock

The Brookshire daughters sell beautiful, historic paper dolls through Vision Forum.

Their website is: Noble Rose Press

*Events in June*

The Fortune family visited and performed for us. Their music was beautiful!

We had our 3rd annual homeschool sale with an estimated 200 people attending.

*Around the Church*

Pastor Dennis and his son, Jonathon

Children taking dominion over the five acres of the church property

Sara, Jessie and Evan with their dad, Herb Devine

Little maidens enjoying eachother's company

Rob Hall and son, Alex

**Vintage Christmas Party**

Vintage games were played and old fashioned crafts were made

Many dressed is historical costume

The Shock family performed

Everyone enjoyed dancing to the Virginia Reel

Parents and children all enjoyed themselves

**Live Nativity/Christmas Caroling at Walmart**

We had a live display of the nativity complete with Mary and Joseph. We sang Christmas songs about Jesus and passed out candy canes and tracts.

Mary, an angel, 2 shepherds and a wise man

**Thanksgiving Reenactment 2008**

In honor of the pilgrims who risked their lives in pursuit of religious freedom, we dressed up as pilgrims and indians.

A display of godly, historic resources

We prepared food true to the time period